Monday, October 19, 2009

Diwali day photos

For once, I got up before Vignesh and I had a chance to wake him up.

Still sleepy and confused as the diwali day rituals started
Getting ready after his shower

Posing for the photo
Tired and sleepy soon after breakfast

Getting ready for the evening

And, ironically couldn't take pictures of the celebration properly since Vignesh was missing out the fun and concentrating on the camera when we tried to take his photo. So, just posting a couple of pictures of the evening.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali - the festival of lights!

Tomorrow is Diwali! I'm so excited. There is an air of celebration all around. The sky is lit with fireworks and there is no escaping the noise of crackers. It has been a really long time since I was so excited about Diwali.

I grew up in a small town where you could see people visiting each other on the festival day, exchanging greetings and sweets. The streets would be filled with children and elders lighting fireworks. I loved those times. But, then I moved to the city for work and later settled down in the same place. It was a place where you carried on with your work and hardly knew your neighbors. You could just see building everywhere and Diwali was just another day. With just buildings everywhere, you could hardly see any fireworks or share the mood of celebration . So, my diwali in the past few years was just confined to see just the specials on television.

Now, I've moved to the outskirts of the city with not many high rise buildings to hide the view. I never realized it would be so exciting here. Its wonderful to see festive fever catch up. I feel excited like a little girl. If I had known that this would be so exciting, I would have started preparation well before. But, it isn't too late. I'm planning to make the best of the day tomorrow. Will post photos of Vignesh's diwali celebration tomorrow.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vignesh - Enjoying Rhymes

Was able to take pictures only from behind, since Vignesh gets distracted by camera. He loves electronic equipments especially TV, computer, mobile (he broke my new mobile last week) and cameras.

Watching his favourite rhymes video

Beginning to get excited

Getting into dancing mood

Thumps up to his all time fav 'Yankee doodle'

Distracted by the camera

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last year this day!

Last year this day Vignesh was two and a half months old. It was the day on which he had his open heart surgery. According to that hospital's policy just one person would be allowed to visit him everyday in the PICU. So, my husband and I usually took turns to visit him. Seeing him with all the tubes was so painful that I usually made my husband visit him and asked him for the update. But, once they started feeding him, I was allowed more often. Yet, getting back after feeding him was very painful.

The hospital kept patients for about a week after surgery. Even after a week, Vignesh was still in the PICU. That was when I shed my shyness and ran behind his cardiologist and surgeon asking (pestering) them to shift him back to the room. I was waiting to shower so much love on him that could make up for all the time that he was spending alone in the PICU. I just wanted to take him in my arms and say everything would be fine. So, after 13 days, his cardiologist and surgeon agreed to have him shifted. My husband had to fight with the hospital authorities to get a room allotted on the same day and by around 8.30 pm or so, we were back with him. It was a silent and emotional reunion for the three of us.

When he was about 15 days old

About a month after his surgery (He was beginning to gain weight)

On New Year day - About a month before Tracheostomy

At hospital after tracheostomy

Recent photo

Thank you, Dr. Bala and Dr. Ranjith! You and your team are making a difference to so many little hearts! We would always remain thankful to you.