Monday, May 3, 2010

Vignesh Loves his New Potty

After a lot of procrastination, I went to shop for potty yesterday. Got confused with so many varieties and finally got a basic model one:

When I made him sit on it this evening, he wanted to get down after some time. I thought probably it wasn't time for his routine. And, when he got down, I just saw how much he loved his new potty. Just look at these pictures. You'll see what I mean.

Just for the records, the potty was yet unused. So, you might get to see him continue playing with these toys for sometime. lol!

After his dad got back home, he just removed the toys from the potty and made him sit on it. And, yes Vignesh did it and even tried to climb down after that. So, happy that he inaugurated his new potty on the very first day..... ;-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Milestones in the past 3 months....

The past 3 months have been good (hope I don't jinx it again!) . Therapists play such an important role in our children's lives. So, switching therapist is one of the most difficult decisions.But, ever since we relocated in June last year, we had to travel quite a distance everyday for Vignesh's therapy. So, we had to make the switch. In Feb we got a new home-therapist for PT and in March we had home-therapist for OT.

However, after I switched therapists I had my own doubts and guilt. I was worried if I was placing my convenience before my child's future. I was even contemplating going back to the previous ones, a lot of times. But, within a month, both the therapists did a wonderful job and have made Vignesh achieve milestones which I had been so worried about until then.

And, two weeks back I received a call from his OT that she would not be able to continue home-therapy due to her health condition. She has been advised against traveling by her doctor. After her phone call, I broke into tears. I have become to trust her so much. Thankfully, she is now continuing therapy for Vignesh at her place and I don't mind traveling there everyday.

Thanks to my little hero's hardwork and his therapists' efforts. Here are a few things that my son has learnt in the past few months: (BTW, he has become so camera-conscious that I find it difficult to take photos/videos once he sees the camera.)

Pulling up to stand

Walking around the house on his own (with support)

Crawling (although he prefers scooting)

First step towards self-feeding

Enacting 'Listen to the music and clap your hands' ( it took me sometime to understand why he was catching his ears after clapping his hands)

More about Vignesh playing games soon.