Monday, December 20, 2010

Excellent November!!!

This past month has been amazing!

Vignesh started to pull up and stand without support and could now stand on his own for about 5 minutes.

He also took his first step without support (now, he just takes a step or two on his own)

He has begun to climb up and down sofas and beds. He has now started climbing chairs and staircase.

He has also learnt to turn on and off the switches and calling bells (Just love the way he turns to see if the light/fan turns on once he is switching them on)

He has also started to hide and make his mama run around the house searching for him.

And, last week he wanted me to play his rhymes dvd. When I din't, he took 2 DVDs and see how he tried to play it on the television! lol!

In the beginning of the year, Vignesh began to pull himself to stand, crawl, cruise and walk with support. But, for many months after, he did not achieve any new milestone and it was making me worried! Now, the end of the year is rocking again! I'm so proud of Vignesh.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favorite Video

Here is a video of Vignesh signing. Vignesh & I love this video.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vignesh II year photoshoot

We had Vignesh II year photography done about a week back. We just had a small celebration for Vignesh's 2nd birthday on July 15th . Din't want to miss on taking his portraits though. We had to hurry up with it. (You will you why when you scroll down to the last pic on this post.)

Here are the pics from the photoshoot

Performing for his favorite rhyme 'Listen to the music'

& 'Clap your hands'

Here is a photo of Vignesh in a different hairdo

And, this is the reason we had to hurry up with his photoshoot.

My cute little laughing Buddha!

This is a part of our custom. They generally shave a baby's hair once or twice between one to five years.

oh, I so loved my son's long hair! Can't wait for it to grow back again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick update

Vignesh had his airway surgery on the 22nd of last month. Doc wants to try decannulation after 4-6 weeks. Vignesh is doing fine and keeping me busy with his antics.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Vignesh Loves his New Potty

After a lot of procrastination, I went to shop for potty yesterday. Got confused with so many varieties and finally got a basic model one:

When I made him sit on it this evening, he wanted to get down after some time. I thought probably it wasn't time for his routine. And, when he got down, I just saw how much he loved his new potty. Just look at these pictures. You'll see what I mean.

Just for the records, the potty was yet unused. So, you might get to see him continue playing with these toys for sometime. lol!

After his dad got back home, he just removed the toys from the potty and made him sit on it. And, yes Vignesh did it and even tried to climb down after that. So, happy that he inaugurated his new potty on the very first day..... ;-)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Milestones in the past 3 months....

The past 3 months have been good (hope I don't jinx it again!) . Therapists play such an important role in our children's lives. So, switching therapist is one of the most difficult decisions.But, ever since we relocated in June last year, we had to travel quite a distance everyday for Vignesh's therapy. So, we had to make the switch. In Feb we got a new home-therapist for PT and in March we had home-therapist for OT.

However, after I switched therapists I had my own doubts and guilt. I was worried if I was placing my convenience before my child's future. I was even contemplating going back to the previous ones, a lot of times. But, within a month, both the therapists did a wonderful job and have made Vignesh achieve milestones which I had been so worried about until then.

And, two weeks back I received a call from his OT that she would not be able to continue home-therapy due to her health condition. She has been advised against traveling by her doctor. After her phone call, I broke into tears. I have become to trust her so much. Thankfully, she is now continuing therapy for Vignesh at her place and I don't mind traveling there everyday.

Thanks to my little hero's hardwork and his therapists' efforts. Here are a few things that my son has learnt in the past few months: (BTW, he has become so camera-conscious that I find it difficult to take photos/videos once he sees the camera.)

Pulling up to stand

Walking around the house on his own (with support)

Crawling (although he prefers scooting)

First step towards self-feeding

Enacting 'Listen to the music and clap your hands' ( it took me sometime to understand why he was catching his ears after clapping his hands)

More about Vignesh playing games soon.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The right to dream!

Today when I had taken Vignesh to OT, I had to wait for a while. There was Parent-Teacher meet happening in the adjacent room. In addition to providing PT and OT, the center also run a small special school and a few kids study there. Its a very small place but they are extremely committed in their work. Since the place was small, I couldn't help hearing the conversation that was taking place. Although, the parents were discussing simple things like numerals and day-to-day activities, their voices were filled with pride, dreams and the aspirations for their kids.

I remember an incident that happened last January. My son was not even 6 months old then. I had been trying to find a good therapist and was asking details from one of my close friends whose little cousin was undergoing PT for CP. All I wanted was a reference to a good therapist. But, when my friend calls back, she tells me how the therapist said that if I start early my son could be trained. So that when he grows up, I could set up a shop for him to work and take care of. And, she sounded excited about this! Excuse me! Doesn't this sound crazy to anyone or is it just me?

Why should people be discussing what my son would be doing for his living twenty years from now, just because he has special needs? And, why does she expect me to be excited even about the prospect of my son a job? I just wonder if this friend would be as excited when I tell her I'd set up a shop and wouldn't mind employing her children there too.

Its isn't about the nature of the job. Its about the attitude. That is when I began to understand how people expect you to stop dreaming once you have a child with special needs. I dreamt of so many things I wanted to achieve professionally and my parents had so many dreams about me too. And, I don't think I have fulfilled any of that. So, when they give chance to me, why shouldn't people with special needs be given a chance too? And, when my parents had a right to dream about my future, why shouldn't I do the same about my son's? Why should people talk about acceptance when I have high dreams about my son's professional future when the same people can dream about their typical kid's future even before they know what their kids are capable of?

The point is I do have all the rights to dream about my son's future. And, when my son grows up, he can choose a profession that suits his skills and liking. If my dreams come true, I would be happy. If not, I would be equally happy too about whatever he does, just as my parents are happy about me today.

I just hope that these people realise that our kids are too young for their advice or career guidance. And, if they really need them, we as parents can handle the situation without their help!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Rest in peace, beautiful Carly!

May God give strength to the George family even as their little angel is flying high in the heaven!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Vignesh with Specs

Vignesh with glasses

He took it better than I expected. At least, he has it on for a few minutes before trying to throw it away. Not sure, if its because it helps him to see things better or if it is too close to his eyes for him to notice it.

This is how he would look if he was my daughter. lol! I better hide this photo before he grows up and kills me for dressing him up like this. I'm going to miss his long hair after July.

Vignesh's second trip to the beach.

I choose to post the dark picture deliberately. You know, until I reduce my weight, I prefer to stay in the dark. :P

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Down Syndrome Celebration - Part II

Kids and their proud moms

These girls were so talented at keyboard

Dance and Expressions

All of them having fun dancing to Jai Ho