Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hospital Visit

Vignesh's regular hospital has moved to a new premises. Initially, pediatrics was a department in the hospital and now they have opened a separate hospital for kids. The inauguration was held on Thursday. Last time we went for tracheostomy tube change, they had invited us for the inauguration. Already with so many hospital visits happening we weren't planning to go. But, looks like Vignesh was keen on honoring the invitation.

On Wednesday, he develops cold and slight temperature. And at around 8 pm in the night, we notice that he is desaturating. So, we rush him to the hospital. He gets so tired and fussy. They give him few medications, injection (through IV line) and oxygen support. On Thursday, he meets the doctors who had invited him. By the end of the day, he is fit and fine. So, with the satisfaction of keeping up with the invitation, he is happy to come back home on Friday.

My favourite part is the way the nurses fuss about him. The nurses who attended to Vignesh when he was in the PICU during tracheostomy. Even though most of them have moved to different departments in the new hospital, when the word gets around that Vignesh is in hospital, they make a point to drop in and say hello to him. They just love to see things that he has learnt. They would want to take him around and play with him and there is also a tight competition of who gets to carry him around. They just show so much of genuine love.

At a time when Vignesh was on prolonged ventilation (during tracheostomy) and I wasn't allowed to be with him, they were the people who took care of him so well. They took care of him with the dedication of a mother. I'm so grateful to the doctors who have saved my son. And, I'm equally grateful to the nurses there. A noble profession done in a noble way.


  1. Sumithra thank-goodness Vignesh is home and well. Aren't nurses amazing and the love they show for our children?!

    Sumithra you are wonderful and I hope we get to meet face to face one day my friend!

    Love and hugs,

  2. SO happy he is well - s o touched by the nurses - what angels
    One of my frinds Melody calls her son "Special Purpose"
    Sometimes it seems my lil guy is someone who has come to my life to show me how many beautiful people there are in the world

  3. Your kids are so cute! You are lucky to have such a caring nursing staff.