Monday, April 5, 2010

Vignesh with Specs

Vignesh with glasses

He took it better than I expected. At least, he has it on for a few minutes before trying to throw it away. Not sure, if its because it helps him to see things better or if it is too close to his eyes for him to notice it.

This is how he would look if he was my daughter. lol! I better hide this photo before he grows up and kills me for dressing him up like this. I'm going to miss his long hair after July.

Vignesh's second trip to the beach.

I choose to post the dark picture deliberately. You know, until I reduce my weight, I prefer to stay in the dark. :P


  1. I love the specs, he's so cute! They appear to highlight his beautiful dark eyes. Great that he is wearing them for so long - well done!
    You look great too, love the photos of the beach.

  2. Sumithra,
    Vighnesh is looking so sute in long hair and new specs. Love first two pics..adorable...

  3. Sumi, he is adorable in glasses!!! Vignesh does look so much older, too. Even without the glasses I think he had a maturity growth spurt!

  4. why do u put a bottu. :P He is a mach o man

  5. Love the glasses! He is so beautiful!! Those eyes!

    And is that the secret to photographing well! dark pictures. huh!
    You look lovely! You don't need the darkness, but I think i may try it!

  6. I think she...oops he is looking adorable! O.k. so I love the long hair, I wish I could get my Saira's hair to grow that long, give me some of Vignesh's, he doesn't even need it. Why does it come oof in July?

  7. he is ADORABLE
    and you dont look overwt at all

  8. @ Tina, The secret behind is long hair is that he hasn't had a hair cut since his birth. In south Indian custom, first hair cut is significant and has a lot of rules. So, if we missed it before he turns one, we can only do it after he turns two. So, the one year wait.... BTW, I'm finding it difficult to maintain his long hair. If there was a way, I would have gladly given it some to Saira. lol!

  9. Sumithra,

    I LOVE the glasses! It is a running joke around our house that I wish my eye sight to get a little poor so I can have some!

    I think you are mixing up Gage's name with your fellow blogger who has a child named Gabe because you keep calling Gage, Gabe. It must be all that hard work you are doing!

    You look beautiful Sumithra don't even think about hiding!!!

    Hugs and all the love in the universe,