Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vignesh II year photoshoot

We had Vignesh II year photography done about a week back. We just had a small celebration for Vignesh's 2nd birthday on July 15th . Din't want to miss on taking his portraits though. We had to hurry up with it. (You will you why when you scroll down to the last pic on this post.)

Here are the pics from the photoshoot

Performing for his favorite rhyme 'Listen to the music'

& 'Clap your hands'

Here is a photo of Vignesh in a different hairdo

And, this is the reason we had to hurry up with his photoshoot.

My cute little laughing Buddha!

This is a part of our custom. They generally shave a baby's hair once or twice between one to five years.

oh, I so loved my son's long hair! Can't wait for it to grow back again.


  1. Good to see you back again. I loved Vignesh's long hair, but I guess it'll grow back. Happy 2nd birthday Vignesh, love the pictures.

  2. Happy Birthday little man!!!! Oh golly the hair is gone, but at least you have lots of cute pics with it before the shave. So cute either way:)

  3. hi, came to ur blog, from some other blog. first time here.. ur vignesh is looking cute. jus love the last photo..

  4. All the pictures are wonderful, but my favorites are the "listen to the music" ones.
    I bet his hair is already coming in nicely!

  5. Goodness Sumithra he is soooo stinkin' cute!!
    Red looks so nice on you Vignesh.
    With and without hair :)

    I had looked at the report you had sent me and to be honest I was in the dark.

    I have had a rough couple of months and I hope you are doing well.
    I have missed you with all my heart and you were in my thoughts.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you.

  6. hi Sumitra, how are you? we did our high school in St. Johns together .. if you remember good, otherwise never mind....
    jus moved from orkut to facebook :)
    Vignesh is cute.. my son Sid is a year younger .. we had the head shave ceremony in the first year itself and he grew hair in a couple of months..
    looking forward to see more recent pics of Vignesh

  7. Happy Diwali to Ramesh Family - Arun Prakash.

  8. Hope everything is well Sumithra.
    I miss you dear friend.

  9. Sumithra I was so happy to hear from you!
    Vignesh you need to quit scaring Mommy and Daddy like that.
    Is he leaving his trach alone now?
    I wish we lived closer Sumithra.
    Are you doing well? I hope you are and you know the trach will come out eventually. Don't get to upset friend.
    I love you.

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