Monday, December 20, 2010

Excellent November!!!

This past month has been amazing!

Vignesh started to pull up and stand without support and could now stand on his own for about 5 minutes.

He also took his first step without support (now, he just takes a step or two on his own)

He has begun to climb up and down sofas and beds. He has now started climbing chairs and staircase.

He has also learnt to turn on and off the switches and calling bells (Just love the way he turns to see if the light/fan turns on once he is switching them on)

He has also started to hide and make his mama run around the house searching for him.

And, last week he wanted me to play his rhymes dvd. When I din't, he took 2 DVDs and see how he tried to play it on the television! lol!

In the beginning of the year, Vignesh began to pull himself to stand, crawl, cruise and walk with support. But, for many months after, he did not achieve any new milestone and it was making me worried! Now, the end of the year is rocking again! I'm so proud of Vignesh.


  1. That's awesome Sumithra. Way to go Vignesh!

  2. YAY for Vignesh...I am in the same boat, Saira has been crawling, cruising, standing up sitting down, climbing sofas, stairs you name it she will do it, but try and get her to stand without support she just refuses to...I am getting worried here too! I know it will happen but this phase seems to be going on forever!!!!

  3. Yay!What a big boy!
    I have also been worrying.Ruby is still not walking but I know she will soon:)

  4. adored the pictures
    he is a doll
    plus it was VERY clever of him to do that with the DVD

  5. Vignesh looks all grown up :)

    Those DVD pics are so funny.. LOL...

    So glad you are back to blogging.. Read on FB you are back at work :) that's a great news..
    Please do post about Vighesh's reading skill

  6. hi sumithra,

    Happy new year to you and especially vignesh. He looks more like a boy now... that image of a baby vignesh is slowly fading out and he proves that he is growing :) loved the pics and ur lovely narration.... u caught it right when he was hiding behind the curtain :) and his way of playing the :) ALL THE BEST!!!!!! expecting more such wonderful updates from both of you. MY LOVE AND HUGS TO THE LITTLE GENIUS :)