Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mission - July 15

I have never been slim in my life. Until my mid-teens, I never realized that - probably because no one pointed it out to me. So, I was my happy self and never gave it a thought. But since the time I realized that I was slightly over weight, I have made numerous 'failed' attempts to reduce my weight. Ironically, that was when I started to gain weight to become what I'm today!

Over the years, I have tried all possible weight loss techniques - dieting, exercise, gym, yoga, swimming, walking,.... the list would go on and on. But, I'm too lazy to practice any of this beyond a couple of months.

My weight is now on a all time high. For a few months now, I've started to avoid looking at the mirror as much as possible. I have also been avoiding to have my photo taken. But, things have to change. I'm now on a mission.

My mission - to lose as much weight as possible by the 15th July. I don't aspire to become slim. I just want to become presentable . Because, my son would turn one year on the 15th of July this year and I want to take a lot of pictures with him that I could relish for years.

Since last week, I've started on aerobics, walking and dieting. So, in a couple of months, I would hopefully be able to flaunt photos that I have taken with my son instead of having them hidden in my camera in the fear of criticism.


  1. You are beautiful no matter what! I will be your personal cheering section helping you along the way.

    I need to do that too Sumithra.

    Hugs across the world,

  2. Thanks, Lisa. And, your cheering would really be helpful. Thanks again for your encouragement.

    lots of love,