Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Disturbing Blog

In the place where I live, we do not have any support group for Down Syndrome. Of course, there is a down syndrome center to provide counseling, information and therapy. But no support group. So, I'm interested in the blogs written by parents of DS children because I personally do not know any parent of DS kid and these online stories are the only way to gain insight.

Among various blogs, I sometimes read a blog written by mother of a down syndrome teenager. I used to check her blogs regularly, since she was a regular blogger and almost all her blogs revolved around her daughter and DS. But, I soon found some of her views disturbing at times, so I stopped reading her blogs. But, I do check her site from time to time just to know how the girl is doing.

After a long time, I just checked her blog today. And, one of her blogs really disturbed me. She had narrated how after the birth of her daughter, her other kids(really young) were scared of having a down syndrome children themselves. And how she spoke to them and said that they would probably be having normal children when they grow up and they need not dread about having a DS child.

I was shocked to read this. I wonder how these young children came to the conclusion that it was bad to have a child with down sydrome?. A toddler's behaviour could not have been so scary to make them dread of their own fate in the future! So, what did they hear from people around them that has made them dread about having a down sydrome child? Why were they not told by their mom to first give their baby sister a chance to grow up and see what she was capable of before drawing negative conclusions!

Of course, there are times I wish my son did not have down sydrome. If not for DS, he might not have avoided certain medical complications and he might just be playing usual games instead of being bothered about PT and OT. But for it, I'm happy the way he is. Sometimes, I feel that he is being such an angel because of the extra chromosome and I'm thankful for it. I'm so proud of him . He is handsome, smart and intelligent. I know he is born with his own set of talents like any of us.

Its time we stopped limiting the oppurtunities for our angels in the name of acceptance. Let us stop branding them or sterotyping them in the name of acceptance. Like all of us, every person with Down Syndrome is unique. Like all of us, they need opportunity, time and support to showcase their talent. Like all of us, they can achieve too. But for all this, you need to first give them a chance. And, more importantly do not judge them before you give them a chance.

They are born fighters. They can make a difference to this world given the right kind of environment to grow in. Come let us work together.


  1. Amen, to that Sumithra!
    Very well put!!


  2. It can be very difficult to be grouped in one lot. Just because we may share the same experience of having children with Down syndrome, sometimes that is where the similiarities stop.

    It breaks my heart to know that a parent of a child with Ds would feel as she does. It also makes me worry for her daughter's safety, too.

    I feel as you do: society has the opportunity to change its perspective about people with Ds and other challenges. Now is the time!

  3. I'm reading through your archives.

    I think that perhaps the siblings were reacting to how their parents were viewing Down syndrome at the time...when there is an unexpected diagnosis there is often turmoil and fear. Perhaps the parents expressed all this stress to their other children? Nonetheless, the siblings should have had leadership in seeing all that's good in their new sister (which is pretty much what she's made of: goodness).

    My elder daughter cannot wait to adopt children with Down syndrome!