Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Miracle called Life

These days, half of my day is spent at Vignesh's therapy centre. His PT and OT are supposed to last for about 45 minutes each and his therapy centre is less than 10 minutes drive from my house. So, technically, I should be back home in two hours time. But, this is never the case. For instance, today it took us a little over 4.5 hours to get back home after the session. Because, Vignesh needs a lot of cajoling to do his therapy; because between his PT and OT session he needs a break - to relax/sleep, to eat, to play with his parents and to gaze around at the other kids; And, a lot of time is also spent on frequent suctioning during/between the sessions.

Spending so much time there, makes my life even more hectic because I have to squeeze my other chores to fit this schedule. But, I don't complain. I love spending time at his therapy centre. Because, I get to witness so many miracles before my eyes. A young boy who has suddenly learnt that he can walk on his own, trying to run around with so much pride and happiness on his face; the boundless joy of a mother who learnt that her daughter (who has been so long treating her mother as she would any other stranger) has begun to give her a special place in her life;

Life is filled with miracles. When our children speak their first words or take their first step, we are so happy and proud. But, when these things happen after a lot of wait and a lot of hard work, our joy is mulitiplied. Apart from being proud of our child, apart from being overjoyed, we also begin to appreciate the worth of every milestone and celebrate miracles in their true form.

And that is exactly what I do everyday. Even as I wait for my son to complete his therapy, I see a lot of these miracles before my very eyes. Kids proving that being 'different' does not mean being 'less' and their parents standing beside them and celebrating every single achievement.

I have the feeling of watching a real time, feel-good movie. But, unlike in movies, it isn't just the ending that is happy. Every phase of the journey is filled with challenge, celebration and happiness. And, even as I'm an audience, I guess there would a lot of others who would be watching the story of my son and his parents and rejoicing our journey of our life as we sail through it everyday.


  1. You are right. When our children do something, that others may consider ordinary, it is amazing! I love that Ella has tought me to appreciate every little thing! Vignesh is beautiful!!

  2. one of my friends calls her kids "special purpose kids" instead of "Special needs kids "
    Its so true - I have learned so much from R