Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vignesh at his Therapy Sessions

Physiotherapy session in Progress

Occupational Therapy Session

Waiting to be consoled and pampered

Father's Love Therapy


  1. Oh my, just looking at his bottom lip makes me want to pick him up through the computer screen and snuggle.
    Ah, sweet Vignesh it's okay sweetheart.

    Give him a hug for me okay.


  2. He is such a cute boy. I love those cute faces he makes.
    How old is he?

  3. Just found your blog - love it !!
    What a doll Vignesh is
    One ofmy close friends has a little boy with Downs - same age as R and he is a joy
    I love kids with Downs - my son has two girls with Downs in his class and they are sooooo good to him and sooooo cute

  4. This is Joyce, Sarah's mom. Thank you for leaving a comment on her blog. I am so glad you did. Vignesh is so precious. I read through your posts and share in your experiences. I'm not sure if you read that Sarah also had a trach. I will add you to our blogroll and I'm sure you will hear from Sarah soon. She just loves seeing pictures of the cute little babies. It is nice to meet you.

  5. The love therapy is the best one of all! That's the one on which to focus most of your energies!