Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A dream come true!

I'm excited! It has been my dream for a long time. Even before my son was born, I had dreamt of a beautiful place for my baby to grow up. Not the cramped up and conjested location that I'm currently living in. Finally, my dreams have come true. Today we are moving to our new home. Would post photos of the new home and house-warming function once I set up the computer and internet there.

Moving on to the updates, Vignesh is becoming a big boy. He shakes his hand when we say hello. He is now able to rest on his hands and rise his body whenever he rolls over to his tummy. He is also trying to crawl. But the lazy bum refuses to do anything that involves even a slight physical effort during the therapy sessions. He has become smarter though.

When his therapists try to give him exercises that he doesn't want to do, he does not usually cry. Instead he tries to distract us with his cute smile or would turn his body and fall on our lap or simply would not budge. Thankfully, his therapists have got a lot of patience and do not give in to his antics. His therapist also said that his upper body is gaining strength by the day.

Every milestone achieved brings a lot of excitement and I'm just waiting to see him surprise the world with his talents.


  1. Sumithra,

    I am very excited for you about your new home,

    Vignesh sounds as though he growing stronger, and getting to be such a big boy. He must completely astound you most days.


  2. Sumithra, Good luck with your move! I understand very well about your desire to be in a comfortable home. When we brought Gabriel home from the hospital, we lived in a dated, small apartment, and I remember feeling very angry and ashamed at myself. I wanted better for my son. Eventually, we found a new home.

    Vignesh sounds like he is very smart and he is doing well. That is wonderful! When I think back, those first few years of development is a wondrous journey. Enjoy it!