Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not always sweet!

After spending about 18 months with my son, I'm just learning that other side of Vignesh. I have always defined him as sweet, whenever someone asked me about him. Probably, he got bored about the tag that I was attaching to him. So, today he showed me the other side of his personality.

We had an ENT appointment in the morning and reached home by noon. His eyes were tired and after spending a few hours in trying to make him sleep, I gave up. Gave him a late afternoon bath and took him for walk.

He usually listens to music on my cellphone all through the walk. But, today it slipped and fell down twice or thrice. And, somehow he began to enjoy the game. So, he began to deliberately throw it and look at me to pick it up. And, when I refused to give him the phone, he began to pull his trach tube.

He knows too well that scares me and makes me angry. But, he thought that was the best way to get back at me. I was a fool to doubt if my son understood things around him. Today he just showed me how much he knew me. I tried to test him though. When I gave him the phone he would start playing the 'throwing it away' game. And, when I refused to give, he would turn towards me and try to pull out his trach tube. And, I tried both sweet and harsh methods, but he was so keen on driving me crazy.

I would have enjoyed his smartness if it had been anything but the trach tube. The tube is his airway and his breathing and life depended on the tube.

I'm so tired and I have been waiting since afternoon to take a little rest. I don't have energy to deal with him today.

Thankfully, his OT was postponed to evening. He is now in his OT session. I can hear from across the room. From his OT's voice, I can understand that he is giving her a tough time today. After the session and dinner, he should be going to sleep. Hopefully, he will be back to his sweet self tomorrow.


  1. Our litle angels can be quite the devils when they want. I have Saira banging her face pulling her hair etc. basically hurting herself just to get attention, I can't figure her out sometimes.

  2. I am experiencing the same issue these days.
    We dont get to watch TV, cant work on laptop; Navya wants to be the incharge of all these items. and Dare you force feed her... I am going for a session coming weekend on how to deal such behaviour. Lets see!

    And regarding TNI, I know people can get it with them, only thing is I am not sure if Airport Authoroties would object that.
    I am thinking to order it from UK. They charge some 12 pounds as shipping charges.
    Check it out here

  3. Ahhh, could it be the Terrible Two's? It is good to read posts like this one because the whole idea of our children with Down syndrome being angels or complete good is not fair, IMO, to them nor us.

    Right now, we struggle with some of Gabe's attitudes and behaviors. But when we talk to our next door neighbors, who have typical six year old twin boys, the timeline of development behaviors seems to be the same!

    It's really interesting and humbling for me because the days when I feel a little overwhelmed, I can take heart that it will pass. (I hope!;))