Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm back!

After a long break, I'm finally back. I missed reading my favorite blogs. I missed sharing stories about my son with my friends. I have started taking up freelance work and it has been keeping me away for a while. But, I truly missed being away from the wonderful blogging family.

First, I want to thank my good friend Lee. Lee and her son Gabriel have always been an inspiration to me. Through her blog, I came to know about Gabriel 's excellent reading skills. I decided to start reading to Vignesh and wrote to her with a lot of questions. She answered my doubts and even offered to prepare a customized book that could get Vignesh interested in reading. It was an excellent gift that we would always treasure. Here are few of the pages that she designed for him:

Thanks Lee! I'm so touched by your friendship and guidance.

Lianna has written an informative post on how she went about introducing books to Gabe in her blog. You could also watch Gabriel reading by clicking here. They are so cute and inspiring.

And, to other updates, we have started home therapy for Vignesh since Feb. This means he won't be traveling everyday to the therapy center. Since he loves going out, I take him out for long walks in the evening.

He listens to music from my cellphone throughout the walk. I don't know why, but people find it amusing to see a 'baby' (grhhh....thats how people usually address him) listening to music with such interest.

And, sometimes when his father takes him out for walks at night, this is how he comes back:

I'm so happy that Vignesh has begun to cooperate a bit when we try to make him walk. He is now moving his leg forward (a few steps at a time) on his own. This is huge because for months he refused to budge whenever the therapists tried to make him walk.

Vignesh had refused to drink water for a long time. Now I have found that he is happy to have water when I give him directly from a water bottle (such as kinley) or from a glass. He doesn't want to use feeding bottle for water. If he thinks he is such a big boy, why can't he eat on his own! But, who can question him? He is the boss at home.

Thats it for now. Got an early appointment for his eye and ear check up tomorrow. Will keep you all posted.


  1. Oh it is SO good to read your update, Sumi! ♥

    I had to laugh over Vignesh after Daddy brings him home from his evening walk! Gee, I wish I could sleep like that!!!

    I missed you, my friend. I hope that work is going well for you.

  2. What a sweet gift for Vignesh!
    Adorable, and I am sure he will love to see himself in the pages.

    Those daddy walks are pretty tiresome!

    Nice to have an update Sumtithra I have missed you and your wonderful family.

    All the love in the universe.

  3. Proofread after fact!
    Oops....Sumithra I put in an extra t by accident!

  4. That book is lovely, and so is Lee. Books are about the only things that hold Emmie's interest.