Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Call

Since we wrote to the doctor on Friday morning, my husband & I were frequently checking our account to see if we have received a reply. We checked our inbox at least a couple of times every hour. We told ourselves that doctors are usually very busy and weren't so computer savvy and it might be a while before he checked his email and got back to us. We also had the doctor's mobile number and since we did not want to disturb him, thought we might wait till Monday morning for his reply before giving him a call. But, we were growing inpatient nevertheless especially because we desperately wanted our son to be out of tracheostomy but did not even know what the next step was.

It was quite a pleasant surprise when my husband received a call from the doctor on Saturday evening. In our email to the doctor, my husband had included his phone number in the signature but never expected him to call. The doctor informed that a CT might not be necessary at this stage and asked us to come to B'lore to carry out fluroscopy. He also told us it might take 2 or 3 days to complete the tests. He also informed that the doctors there would be extending all possible help. We were excited on the progress and have decided to leave to Banglore on Wednesday giving a weeks time for any edema caused due to last wednesday's bronchoscopy to settle down.

Hopefully, we would have solutions to my son's health problems by the time we come back.


  1. Sumithra,
    He is beautiful! I am so happy to read about your life, and your family.

    In good time Sumithra his trach will be removed and you will simply smile at all the lifes lessons learned and what we have endured through it all.


  2. Sumithra I am hoping all is well with your family and yourself.

    Warm thoughts to you,