Monday, September 21, 2009

He waved me bye!

For a few months now, we have been teaching Vignesh to wave 'bye'. He got into the habit of waving goodbye whenever we asked him to. But, of late, he has stopped doing that for some reason that is known to him alone...:-)

He goes out for a walk with his dad both during the mornings and evenings. I hear from my husband that there is one particular security guard to whom Vignesh waves everyday as soon as they meet. There are a few people that Vignesh meets regularly and they all speak to him. But, we don't know why he prefers this particular person alone.

Anyways, this blog is about a different story. Last evening, Vignesh was getting ready to go out for walk with his dad, as usual. I was pre-occupied and forgot to wave him bye. He kept staring at me and when his dad put on his slippers and was ready to leave, Vignesh immediately waved me bye, that too without being prompted. We were both surprised. He again waved to me before getting into the elevator.
I was so happy about the whole thing. It was not because he has understood as to when to wave goodbye. I'm happy mainly because he seems to be aware of his daily schedule. That makes me so happy and even more proud of my little genius.


  1. How very sweet Sumithra.
    Makes your heart melt doesn't it!


  2. how ADORABLE so thrilled for you

  3. That is terrific! He's initiating the "conversation"!!!