Sunday, September 20, 2009

The magic chair

Vignesh had started to sit with support somewhere around May this year.

His therapist recommended 'side-sitting' (as seen in the photo above) and told that he would be able to sit without support in a matter of few days or weeks. But, he refused to sit on his sides even for a few minutes. He would sit for short periods of time in 'straight-sitting' posture but his therapist wanted us to avoid it for the starters as it might not help him gain necessary control.

Since, he never did his exercise there was no improvement and it began to bother us. That is when his physiotherapist suggested us this magic chair. He had a person, specialized in making furnitures for therapy purpose, custom design the chair. It was made for Vignesh's measurements. We got this ordinary-looking, magical-chair around the second week of August.

Once we got the chair, we made him sit in the chair almost every minute that he was awake (at least during the first 2 days). Vignesh just loved the chair because for the first time he was able to freely use his hands to play instead of being bothered to use them for support.

And, the miracle happened. When we went for therapy after about 3 days of getting the chair, there was tremendous improvement. Within just a couple of days, he began to sit without support. The result was so quick that at first I even felt it might just be a coincidence.

So, I began to relax and made him sit in the chair only during his feeding sessions. Incidentally, there was no progress and Vignesh was able to sit unsupported for just a few minutes. I understood my mistake and began to make him sit in the chair for longer time. Now, he can sit unsupported for nearly about half-hour, if he wants to. Sometimes, he is too lazy and would just prefer lying down no matter how many times I make him sit.

The chair has helped Vignesh so much. I'm so thankful to his therapist for suggesting this chair.


  1. Great job Vignesh!
    You are just getting so strong and may I also add how brilliant you look in red, it is most definitely your colour.


  2. Wow! Not only is that a very proactive idea, but the generosity and compassion of your therapist is truly wonderful!

    Way to go Vignesh, Beautiful Boy!

    I remember how our first physiotherapist explained just how difficult it is for our children to build strength and co-ordination to simply sit. It can be so distracting for them if they are not supported, that our children find it difficult to focus on learning new, cognitive ideas apparently. Hence the importance of support.

    Once Gabe sat independently, he seemed to just be a huge learning sponge, taking in everything! We saw many changes once he had his "independence". :)

  3. Sumithra,

    Okay so I have my handy-dandy PMV guide and I am trying to read this so I can have an appropiate answer for your question.

    Gage has the PMV 2001 (purple one) and from what I can see on the pictures there seem to be four types of PMV's. Gage also has a 4.5 pediatric shiley which is unmodified, and no vent. What size trach and brand does does Vignesh have in right now?

    If you would like I could mail this speaking valve booklet out to you as I no longer need it. I would need your address which I'll send you my private email. This booklet is in six different languages but only 10 pages long for the english guide.

    I hope this somewhat helps and if you have any other questions just ask me.

    Hugs, and I am excited for you, when you get the valve it will be wonderful for your family to hear his sweet little voice.