Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everday Brags

Finally, its raining and getting cold here. Oh, we have been having a very hot summer since February this year. Once the rains began last week, everyone around seems to be excited.Just checking the status in various networking sites shows how happy the people in chennai are about the weather change. And this weather is making me even more lazy. I just log onto the computer for a few minutes everyday, check my emails, visit my favorite blogs and thats it. I laze around most of the day.

Thanks Lianna, for reminding me that I haven't posted anything for a long time. (BTW, she is hosting 'The Buddy Walk Bootie Give Away' till November 6th as a way to celebrate down syndrome awareness week. To enter the contest and win a pair of cute booties, just visit her blog by clicking here. And when you visit her site, just don't miss out on the videos of Gabriel picking up the winner. The videos are incredibly cute)

Time now to brag about Vignesh. He has grown taller and I'm so happy. He was stuck at 68-69 cms for nearly 6 months since January and as advised by a doctor, I increased his protein intake. He is now 74 cms and I'm just hoping the soy milk would continue to do the magic.

And, he just loves standing. He can stand leaning against the walk for more than ten minutes. When I make him sit, he just reaches out for my hand and using the support stands up on his own. Last two days, he is resting his hands on a pillow and trying to stand on his own. He needs a little more effort n practice on that one though. However, he still refuses to move his feet when we try to make him walk.

Today morning I had left him with his feeding bottle in front of him. He picked it up, placed it correctly in his mouth and even held his bottle horizontally, trying to feed himself. Now, thats was exciting to watch. But, when it comes to solid diet, he would not even try to put it in his mouth. He would bite his toys but if he knows its a biscuit or some other eatable he would drop it down and open his mouth so that we can feed him.

For sometime, I had also been worried about his pincer grasp. He wouldn't try to hold anything tiny. But, his grasp seems to have improved. When I place my tiny earrings in the arm rest of his chair, he immediately picks them up and throws them away (he likes to have his chair neat. He would throw away anything that we place on the table attached to his chair).

Oh, how I love bragging about my dear son. But, got to get back to preparing flash cards. Will be back soon with the flash card story.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Sumithra, I think Vignesh will be walking sooner than later! He's already trying to push himself up? That is fantastic!!! I should dig up the video that we have of Gabe pushing himself to standing, freehand. I was so excited!

    I had to giggle over Vignesh throwing away your tiny earrings. It sounds like his pincer grasp is just fine! ;)

    If you visit the DS Mama blog:

    She has a very good post on oral stimulation. I wish I had been more diligent doing oral exercises with Gabe because he probably would have accepted solid foods sooner? I'm not sure...but Terry and I were puree'ing food for a very long time for Gabriel.

    Congratulations on Vignesh's growth, too. That is wonderful news. With all that we worry about with our children, weight gain and growth seems to be so critical.

    I love the update and I am eagerly anticipating your post on flash cards and MORE VIGNESH PHOTOS PLEASE! :) ♥♥♥

  2. Wow Vignesh seems to be doing great. Standing up is fantastic. Saira is still working on weight bearing on her legs, and she stands if we hold her by her waist. She is doing good with her sitting but we still need to be around her when she does as she can fall backwards and still doesn't stop her fall :( How did you manage so well with Vignesh? Would love to see more photos of him!

  3. Lianna,

    Thanks for the link. Would love to see Gabe's video.

  4. Tina,

    Nice to hear that Saira is standing well when held by her waist. Until mid-august, Vignesh would never keep his feet down, no matter how much we tried to make him stand. All of a sudden, one day he decided that he would stand and from then he has improved. So, it might be a few weeks or just days before you can Saira standing on her own.

    Sometimes, Vignesh too falls back while sitting. Today he fell back while sitting on the floor. It hurt and he cried. But, I guess he has learnt his lesson. There are times when he would sit even a whole hour without falling back and yet sometimes he would just like back in a few minutes, especially when he is on the bed and knows that falling back wouldn't cause him pain (learnt from his exp. I guess). Check out my post That chair was really effective.