Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OT Assessment and Report

I had taken Vignesh for OT assessment last month. The assessment was an eye-opener to me. On his first try, he pulled a thread attached to a toy in order to reach for it. He had never played with a similar toy before and I was pleasently surprised to see that he was able to work out the logic on his own. I was also impressed with him handling the toys. For example, if it was a rattle, he began to bang it on the floor and if the toy did not make a noise he was trying to pull it or bite it :-)

On the other hand, the therapists were also able to point out a few issues. One of their major concerns was that he wasn't moving yet. Since there was no form of motion, he had to entirely depend on us for anything that he wanted. While, I'm so waiting for him to crawl and walk, I have never been thinking about the dependency angle so much before. It began to worry me.

In the past few weeks, Vignesh would scoot but only for a very little distance. In the past few days, he has really picked up speed. Suddenly today I noticed that he is moving really fast. I would leave him with his toys and go to the other room and within 5 minutes or so he would have moved significantly. He is also trying to push himself up using his arms but he loses balance quickly. I'm not sure if this is the first step towards kneeling or crawling or standing. Whatever it is, I would be so excited when it happens.

We also learnt that until about 6 months, a baby might just try to bang or throw toys around. This is called as destructive play. As the baby grows the games will get more meaningful. Its a little worrying that a lot of times Vignesh is more into destructive play. But, he is gradually learning I guess. These days he is trying to stack toys together instead of just banging them.

So, after a lot of delay, I received the hard copy of his OT report today. And, with some progress taking place, I'm not worried as I was last month. I'm in fact excited. My son might be scooting, crawling or walking later than non-ds kids. It is worrying but only until he achieves the milestones. Once he is there, the happiness and the excitement is so immense that it makes the wait all the more worthy!


  1. Oh Sumithra, you've said so much in the last paragraph that is very important for ALL of us. I think many times, I have depended on those guidelines (speech, fine and gross motor, cognitive) too much. Like Vignesh, Gabe gets to where is he suppose to be in his own time.

    I think the "aha!" moments, like the independence one you gained from OT, is very important, though. And, in my opinion, that is what those reports are really for...to inspire and motivate us.

    I wanted to say that the note you left on my Home post was so great! It is good to be recognized and loved!!!♥

  2. Sumithra,

    Vignesh is moving along quite nicely, their own times on their terms right. I believe he has the best teacher and that would be you, it is amazing how unconditional love can be a great motivator. He is wonderful as you are too!