Monday, November 9, 2009

I was kissed!

I'm so excited. Something incredible happened today morning. Vignesh kissed me. A lot of times too. As of now, his version of kiss is a little different . Its grasping my cheek with his wide open mouth. He has done it before too. But, I wasn't sure if he just trying to bite or kiss. But, today, we were standing in front of the mirror and I kissed him. Immediately, he held my hair (just like I how I hold his head or face) and started to kiss me all over my face with a big smile. It felt great! (Of course, it hurt a bit since he was pulling my hair. But, who cares!)

Vignesh, you make me so happy everyday and I love you.


  1. Oh Sumithra! What a beautiful post! I can just see Vignesh adoring his beautiful mommy!♥

  2. Oh how sweet! Kayla licks me, LOL.

  3. My little Leightyn gives the exact same kisses, I love them, however her 4 month old cousin is not so enthused about having his whole face "kissed"!