Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspirational Videos

Recently, I wrote about introducing ABC flash cards to my 15 month old son. My good friend Lianna has been kind enough to share the story of how she had successfully taught her son Gabriel ABCs when he was really young. She had also shared the pictures and videos of Gabriel rightly identifying his alphabets when he was as young as 22 months. Honestly, when I was that young, I did not even know there existed a language called 'English'! lol!

Well, getting back to the subject, it was a great inspiration to see cute, little Gabriel working with alphabets and it surely gives me a great confidence in my journey with Vignesh. I found it inspirational and too cute. Hence wanted to share the links with everyone.

Here is a post of really young Gabriel identifying the alphabets.

And, here is a post of him actually naming them when he was just 29 months old

Thanks Lianna for sharing your story and the videos! I'm sure it would serve as a motivation to other parents who are out to begin their journey like me!

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  1. Thank YOU Sumithra! :)

    After a particularly difficult day today, it is comforting to see this post. I hope to be able to capture Gabriel reading his sight cards as well as a book or two on video soon.

    Big hugs for the V-man!♥