Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting back to therapy!

After a long break, Vignesh is getting back to therapy from tomorrow. He has been missing his classes since the last week of November. I'm happy getting back to the routine. But, I'm not so sure if Vignesh would be excited about it too. Got to see his reaction in the class tomorrow. In the meantime, just wish my little boy luck. Because, his mom is so demanding. Instead of setting goals for herself, his unresonable mother has prepared a mental checklist of things that she wants Vignesh to achieve by the year end.

Meet you all tomorrow with the updates!


  1. Hi there , I just read your previous post about Vignesh. How he gathered attention in the PICU. I'm crying because I know what you mean. There is something magical in that extra chrom they have. It's sad that still so many people miss out on that beautiful magic.

  2. Hey Sumi

    How did the Therapy go? Eagerly waiting to know how Vignesh did on the Therapy after his long break.

    Love you Vignesh!!!