Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vignesh Photos

Vignesh has inherited this 'look' from me!

My son can crawl really fast but in the reverse direction! That still counts as crawling, right?

Yeah, thats meant for bathing. But, I got it so that I can put his toys in that and easily move him around the house.

I made him sit there to play with his toys while I was busy with cooking. Within minutes I turn back to see him in this pose.

And, here is my favorite smile!


  1. Lovely pictures, he does look really well again!! Love how he's lounging in the paddling pool.

  2. Vignesh is a real cutie, lovely smile...
    Navya too gives me that kind of stare :)

  3. Well! You know I cannot get enough V-man pictures! I had to giggle over your little pool lounger with his cell phone in hand! Making calls to his lady friends, no doubt!!!♥

  4. Oh he cracks me up lounging in the pool....too funny Vignesh!

    That last picture of your little smile is why I love you so!