Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vignesh at play

Vignesh loves to play games but he does not prefer toys so much except for the ones that makes noise like my cell phone (if it can be counted as a toy) and rattles. When I discussed it with his therapists, they said he hasn't still begun to understand the concept of playing with toys. I did not think so because he understands games very well and even comes up with his own little games at times. To me, he simply did not prefer toys.

When I got this leap frog 'spin and sing' on Monday, I had my own doubts. Was I wasting money on something that he wouldn't be using and should I be getting him therapy related items instead (as suggested by my husband?) But, I did not want down syndrome or his therapy to dominate every walk of our life. So, I went with the option of getting him toys.

When I got back home, I just showed him a couple of times on how to play with it and he immediately caught up. And, like most other toys, he plays with it just for a few minutes and throws it away. So, he does in fact understand the concept of toys but does not prefer playing with them on his own. Here is a video of him at play.


  1. Oh my, look at him trying to impress his mommy.
    After you told him to spin it, he was like phew see I'm exhausted now, then has a little lay down. Sumithra he is so sweet, I just love him!


  2. Oh I have to agree with Lisa! V-man is ADORABLE!

    Sumithra, Gabe was the same way. He didn't really have much interest in toys until he was about three or so. He was such a sight card/book guy that I thought I had deprived him in some way!

    Does Vignesh like Playdoh or coloring? Maybe he would like something more creative? All children have their own thing, I think. I agree with you about Vignesh knowing HOW to play with toys. I think some therapist talk for the sake of talking!

  3. Watch Gage walk on my blog..WOOT! WOOT!