Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hosptial checkup

We had gone for a check up yesterday. Vignesh has started to sweat in the head again. Head sweating is associated with heart problem. He had head sweating from birth until few weeks after surgery. And, when the problem started again about 2 months back, I was really worried. We took an echo and thankfully there is no problem with the heart.

When I googled about it, I saw that rickets could also cause head sweating in children. Rickets is caused by vitamin D deficiancy. Our place has at least 9 months of summer and if Vignesh couldn't get sufficient Vitamin D that is available in the sunlight, I would be surprised. Anyway, would wait for the result to see what it is.

We gave him chicken pox vaccine and polio drops yesterday. It was funny that he did not cry for the injection but ended up crying so much when we restrained his legs and hands for the x ray. I guess he was reminded of the IV line pricks.

The schools and offices would be shut for 2 or 3 days for the pongal festival. But, my hardworking son has just a one day holiday tomorrow. I still have some last minute shopping to do. The only time I get to do shopping is during his OT sessions. Vignesh refuses to do OT when we are there. So, that is all the time that I get to shop for whatever I need.

Last year this day he was in hospital. As a matter of fact, this was the day he became really critical. The memories of him slipping into seizure due to dipping oxygen levels is still painful to think. Later on this day last year, he was moved to a different hospital and put on ventilator. And, this day last year was the last time I heard his voice properly. After that, it was just ventilator leading to tracheostomy.

I'm thankful that my son is healthy and happy now. This is the first time he would be celebrating pongal. Would post picutures of Vignesh celebrating pongal tomorrow.


  1. I hope the head sweating is nothing to worry about, I would be interested to know. Saira sweats ALOT too mainly back of her head as well, her heart is fine but have always wondered why this is happening, her hair is always wet thanks to it!

  2. Hi Sumithra, wish you a very happy Pongal.
    Hope all reports come normal.
    Love to Vignesh

  3. Hi Sumithra,

    I hope that the tests come back normal!

    Pongal sounds wonderful. I hope you can enjoy some of the holiday!

    In reply to your question on my last post: "I was going through her previous post and found a link for 'Were you scared of going for kid no. 2 after having one with special needs?' written by someone else. It was an honest and interesting post. Did you happen to read it?"

    I just read it now...I remember deciding to try again when Gabriel was about two years old. Unfortunately, I had two miscarriages, and I think coming to terms with accepting that we will only ever have Gabe took as much effort as overcoming fear to want another child. It is an interesting topic, though.

  4. Can't wait to see the pics of my little Vignesh.

    I hope you are well Sumithra nd you enjoy your
    day with your family.