Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From baby to a big boy!

I’m so excited because I saw my son crawl today. Usually, he would just scoot or crawl in the reverse direction. Today, he actually crawled.

These days, I see a lot of changes in Vignesh. He is getting choosy about so many things – from his food, to his toys to music. Believe me, he is getting very choosy about the music (read as ‘rhyme’) that he listens to. He enjoys rhymes CD by Company A. After seeing his interest, I got him different rhymes CD by two different companies. He would not listen to them. Finally, I got the second series by the same company A and he listens to them.

I’m having so much fun ‘treasure hunting’. Yes, I have found 2 other teeth in my son’s mouth in the past few days and the treasure hunt still continues.

I’m so happy that my son is becoming a big boy!