Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look, who has hit the beach!!!

It was a wonderful Sunday morning. And, we took out Vignesh to the beach for the first time today. And, since Vignesh was tolerating PMV well, we din't have to be bothered much about suctioning. The three of us were able to hang out together as a family, finally. Oh, we just realized how we had missed family outings (except the medical appointments) all these months. Just have a feeling that life is slowly limping back to normalcy.


  1. It looks great, glad you could all have a fun family outing together!

  2. Sumithra those are gorgeous images of your family enjoying the day together.

    Hospital's suck the energy out of us all, whilst the beach what a rejuvinating day for all.

    Vignesh and their you are smiling that beautiful smile that I know and love so well.
    It looks like you had a blast, even while tugging on Mommy's nose.


  3. AWESOME Buddy!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, I felt so relaxed just LOOKING at your photos! I miss summer very much.

    I agree with Lisa completely. The water and skies are a wonderful way to rejuvenate.

    And I love the pics of ALL OF YOU. Together.♥

  5. gorgesous pics Sumithra - you are lovely and so is your family