Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All in a day's work

There was a time when any misplaced thing in the house would irk me and I would totally freak out when the house was untidy. That was past. Now, just look at the mess that my son has done! It does not freak me out. It just makes me proud!

And, he moved (with a combination of scooting and back crawling) on his own to the TV cabinet, pulled things out and threw them all around him. I thought I had to wait for this until my son learnt to walk. And, I was so excited to see this for the first time:

No wonder he gets so tired after a busy day


  1. Oh little Vignesh, you are such a boy.
    Lisa loves you and is sending you such a big hug.
    You have completly worn your little body out with all that discovering, you are just too adorable for words sweet one.

    Hugs Sumithra,

  2. Really cute....I love the one where he's passed out on his stroller. Btw aren't the floors too cold for crawling? I always have a problem with that, and therefore Saira's movements get a bit confined, I would love to let her loose. Happy to see Vignesh is doing so well.