Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back home!

Vignesh got back home from hospital yesterday. He still needs a little oxygen support. I'm just worried about his diarrhea since yesterday. The frequency has increased despite the careful diet. Anyway, keeping him hydrated with a lot of fluids. He has also lost a lot of weight. Will post a picture of him tomorrow.

Anyways, when we got him home yesterday he was all dull and sleepy. Then I played him his favorite rhyme on tv and he was happy and even started to dance. He is happy to be home. Just waiting for him to get over these minor health issues. Due to tracheostomy, we had restricted his movement outside home. And, due to this oxygen support, we are now having to think twice before we could move him around even inside the house. Thats all for now. Thanks again for all your prayers and thoughts.


  1. Just checked your blog yesterday to see how you were all doing. So pleased to hear that Vignesh is home. Hope he makes a speedy full recovery now.

  2. It is good news to know that Vignesh is in his own home. I, too, hope he makes a speedy recovery, Sumithra.♥

  3. Oh Sumithra I am so happy to hear Vignesh is home, and on his way to a speedy recovery. He will recover so much faster at home,and being away from those nasty hospital germs.

    Hugs Sumithra and all the love in the universe.

  4. Oh my! I'm just catching up--I missed my opportunity to cheer Vignesh on. What a difficult time you've all had. I am so glad that he's out of the hospital.

    You probably know that the diarrhea is from the antibiotics. The best thing to repair his digestive tract is to give him probiotics. If they are not available there, I'm sure you're using yogurt, which will help some.

    I hope he gets relief soon--and you all get rest and peace in your home.

  5. Hi Sumithra,
    I hope vignesh recovers completely very soon.
    Give him lots of Hugs and Kisses from me.

  6. Sumithra! Any updates? I miss you and Vignesh!

    We hope that Vignesh is well into good health. Can't wait to hear from you!♥

  7. I am so excited to hear Vignesh is making sounds, and I bet it is so nice for you to hear!
    Good job Vignesh!

    I am so happy he is doing well at home I was so worried and upset when I found out he was in the hospital.

    Sumithra I actually deleted that post "Forgot about this lovely photo," a few days ago and it still seems to be stuck on that for everbody. My blogger profile visits number won't update anymore either. I am completely stumped!
    I wonder if you deleted my blog on your site then reassigned it, if it would update then?
    Hmmmm, I don't know what to do.

    Wishing you all warm thoughts over the holiday season and for the coming New Year.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe Sumithra,

  8. Okay I just spent an hour working on this, and going back and forth to your blog.....nothing seems to be working.