Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vignesh Photos

Vignesh at hospital PICU - Taken during the first week of this month

Back home and on oxygen support

Back in form

Exploring his new bike

And, this is what happens when you sing to Vignesh his favourite rhymes:

And, more

and, more

And, more

Just makes me wonder, if he is happy to hear the rhyme or is it my voice that he is laughing at?

With his great grandpa


  1. Oh Sumithra he is a delight!
    I love his smile it truly melts my heart.
    Beautiful photos thanks for sharing!


  2. Just reading about your hospital stay. So sorry to hear that but it looks like a good recovery is in progress. I love the smiles. He is just so adorable:)

  3. Oh my goodness! Sumithra! Both Gabe and I LOVED Vignesh happy laughing photos!!! You know he is one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen! I could get lost in those eyes forever!♥♥♥

    Love this update! *hugs*

  4. It's great to see Vignesh so happy and enjoying himself.

  5. Happy to see he is back home, and doing well, must have been such a hard time for you. But take strength from the fact that he is back and things will only get better now. love the pictures, he is really cute

  6. Hi Sumithra! HI Vignesh! *hugs*

    In answer to your question about when Terry and I introduced numbers to Gabe, I don't have a very clear one. We never intentionally set out to teach him but we did start reading baby board books long ago which focused on numbers, colours, alphabet etc.

    I did notice that Gabriel really began his interest in numbers when he started preschool last year. In some way, I think the whole idea of what numbers represent began to form for him.

    In Junior Kindergarten, he definitely has more of a grasp because he is being taught to count, to understand patterning and also to understand the idea of more or less (which has been a struggle for him).

    I asked Terry and Terry cannot remember our focus on numbers. But I would say that in the last two years (Gabe is 4.5 years old now) we have inadvertently been supporting the idea of numbers in daily life.

    I hope this helps!