Saturday, December 5, 2009

Latest Health Update

Yesterday morning Vignesh had temperature spikes with the 2nd antibiotic too. And, suddenly after breakfast, he began to desaturate. They kept increasing the oxygen level to 13-15 litres. But, his stats still fluctuated between 87-93%. And, his breathing was also rapid. So, they shifted him to PICU. And, for the third time they have changed his antibiotic. They say that with so many hospitalizations and medications, his body has become immune to level 1 and level 2 antibiotics and they had to step up to a stronger one. Vignesh is right now on C-PAP.

So, yesterday his blood culture report came. And, Lisa you were perfectly right. It is pseudomonas. The report also carried a list of drugs the bacteria is sensitive too. The second antibiotic which they had given yesterday was in the list. So, this should have helped him fight the bacteria but strangely it din't. So, they want to continue with the 3rd antibiotic that they have started him on since it is a stronger dose.

My husband is staying with my son since yesterday night. I spoke to him over the phone and Vignesh seems to be better now. No cough. Temperature is just around 99 F and he is fairly active and even watched TV today morning. His Oxygen support on CPAP has also been reduced to 35%. (They had started with 70% support yesterday noon).

Its so frustrating. The hospitalizations just deprives us of the quality time that we could spend with Vignesh at home. And, it also affect his therapy causing so much delay. And, every time they prick him, they are finding it hard to get a vein. So, they end up pricking him in so many places on his body. Its frustrating that I can't help. I feel physically and emotionally exhausted. But, at least a good nights sleep makes me active again. It is this emotional exhaustion that I find so difficult to cope up with. I think once he is fit and the doctors say we can take him back home, I would feel happy and alright. My husband and I are just waiting for that. Thanks for all your prayers.


  1. Sumithra,

    When Gage had pseudomonas they put him on tobramycin, it was quite remarkable how fast it cleared it up. What are they giving him for antibiotics? Gage was given this through a nebulizer. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe,

  2. Oh Sumithra! I hope that today has brought some rest for all of you, and that Vignesh is well on his way to full recovery! Terry, Gabe and I will keep him in our hearts!♥

  3. Sumithra, I have been terrible catching up on all the blogs and just read about poor little Vignesh being sick, gosh I do hope things are looking up by the time you read this. My prayers come your way, stay strong and get some rest, you need to be healthy for him. Will look out for an update very soon :) Hugs to you and your little angel

  4. Sumithra I am not to sure about the Cpap, and the sounds.
    How is he, how are you and your husband holding up?
    Please remember to try and get some rest.


  5. Sumithra, Hope Vighnesh is feeling much better now. Take care dear.