Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vignesh hospitalised

Vignesh is hospitalised since Saturday. He is on oxygen support and is suffering from fever, severe cough and diarrhea. None of the medicines given so far has helped to cure his fever. They just reduce the temperature temporarily. The most worrying things to me are his cough and oxygen desaturation. He wakes up all happy and ready to play. But, then coughing begins and it is so severe and continuous that he turns red, gets tired and goes back to sleep. And, other than liquid diet, all other types of food just starts off his cough (he was unable to eat even his favourite chocolate doughnuts today). His apetite too has reduced drastically. It just pains to see him like this.

They have changed his antibiotic for the third time. Today, they have actually started Vignesh on a more effective one. So, got to wait for a day or two to see if this helps. But, even now his temperature is over 101 F. They have also changed his cough syrup to a more strong dose.
The good news is that his H1N1 test has come out negative. Blood culture report for virus infection is expected in a day or two.
Even as I'm with Vignesh at the hospital, I just wander between the two extremes. At one time, I feel peaceful. There is so much of hope that we are getting back home pretty soon. At other times, I'm unable to control my frustration. For instance, on Saturday the doctors had tried to find an IV line. In the process, they ended up pricking so many places on his hands and legs. Just hearing to his muffled cry was so unbearable. I run away from the place. I ended up crying in front of everyone. But, I could not do anything to make his pain go away. In fact, he looks up at us when he senses trouble and I feel so helpless being not able to do anything. Now, he is so suspicious of everyone in the hospital that he panics and cries when anyone else other than my husband or I go near him. And, it so pains to see that he has stopped trusting us for help when doctors or nurses go near him. It makes me feel miserable.
Today, even as I set the internet on my laptop, an idea struck. I began to play rhymes to Vignesh from 'You Tube' and also his fav 'ABC Zoo' game. He was happy and got all excited. In fact, he even began to bang on the laptop with both the hands (incl the one with the IV line). But, pretty soon he coughed a bit, became tired and fell asleep. I have asked his dad to fetch Vignesh's favourite rhymes CD tomorrow. I guess this would cheer him up so much.
I just want to him to be completely cured and get back home strong and happy as soon as possible. I believe that prayers could really perform miracles. Please pray for my son's speedy recovery.


  1. Sumithra I am so sorry to hear about Vignesh being in the hospital. I only wished I lived closer so I could fetch you some hot coffee, books anything you needed. How are his secretions? What color are they? Could it be Pseudamonas? Please keep me updated, and I of course am sending well wishes for little cutie-pie to get well.

    Hugs Sumithra and all the love in the universe from me to you.

  2. So sorry Vignesh is sick.I'm praying for his speedy recovery.

  3. Just checking in Sumithra to see how Vignesh is doing.


  4. Sorry to hear Vignesh is in hospital. Hope he gets better really soon. Take care!